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David Keighley

David's anthology of progressive Christian poems “Poems, Piety & Psyche" was published in October 2020, at the end of a traumatic year for us all. His poems tell the story of how Christian doctrine and teaching has not kept up with the spiritual needs of a scientifically education population, the current generation of which has abandoned antiquated, supernatural belief systems and has ditched the Church in response.

David’s nativity play for primary schools, “Christmas Past, Christmas Present” was performed at Preston Candover C of E Primary school in 2006 and is also in preparation for publication as a resource for schools. It is an Old Testament Christmas Story as it tells the tale of our traditional nativity play from the perspective of the Old Testament characters on which nativity plays are based.

His novel, so far twenty years in writing, is “Survival in the Countryside”, a cautionary tale for folk moving from urban life to seek the idyllic world of rural living. Based on four decades of rural ministry and early jobs in farming, David warns of the pitfalls of such moves.

David offers performances of his one man show “Poems, Piety & Psyche” to groups wishing to enjoy the connections between rebellious Christian poetry, faith and belief, and the fickleness of humanity. The content is based on his life as a priest and psychotherapist.

“David Keighley, fellow priest, pilgrim and (re)searcher. His work shines a light into those dark recesses of the church and those parts of its preposterous theology which it would rather remain in the dark”.

The Right Reverend Professor Dr David Jenkins Professor Emeritus of Theology Leeds University Author: ‘God, Miracle and the Church of England’; ‘The Calling of a Cuckoo’ // //

David Keighley probes beneath the surface of our faith and provides us with a basis for believing in our troubled world.  So long as we have people like David, Christianity will live and renew itself.


John Shelby Spong, Bishop of Newark, retired, June 2020 // //